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Acetic Acid 0.6%


This product is often preferred over Bacteriostatic Water for the reconstitution of AOD-9604 and IGF-1 LR3.

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Kimera Chems is pleased to offer our 0.6% Acetic Acid Solution. It contains 99.4% Sterilized Water and 0.6% Acetic Acid, blended together to create this specialized reconstitution solution. This solution is frequently utilized in the reconstitution of AOD-9604 and IGF-1 LR3. Each of our vials will come with a safety-sealed top. Once the top is freed from the lid, the rubber stopper will be exposed.  Each vial is intended for multiple use. However care should be taken to properly store the vial and fully clean the rubber stopper between each use. Please note that all products available on our website are meant ONLY for research purposes, and should not be used for any other purpose whatsoever. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms and Conditions before ordering. Buy Acetic Acid 0.6% from Kimera Chems – the best place to buy SARMsbuy legit Peptidesbuy nootropics USAbuy research chemicals USA, and buy amino acids USA.

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